About teli

Each day, we at Teli are faced with challenges that we’re inspired to overcome. We take things apart, explore, and put them back together better than they were before. This is how we learn, how we share, and how we grow.

From our headquarters in Denver, Colorado, we have already expanded to Los Angeles, Hong Kong, and Frankfurt, with additional POPs contracted to be built-out in Washington, D.C., the UK, and Miami.

Our commitment to this expansion guarantees the best access, lowest latency, and highest voice quality—no matter where our customers are located. Our networks and hardware are wholly redundant, and we offer the ability to connect to multiple POPs at no additional cost to our clients. Most of the technology we employ is owned by Teli, and if any superior software is available outside our core switch, we will incorporate it to maximize the power of our products and services.

Here at Teli, we’re excited to design, create, and innovate ways to connect people, simplify lives, and enhance interactions. We do whatever it takes to improve ourselves, so that we can partner with you to improve the world.